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Christmas Triples a great success

Author: Jean Healey, 22/12/19

Mike Holmes, Penny Preece and Trevor Lavis win this popular event

Madeira’s Christmas Triples Competition is a most enjoyable diversion from the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas. Nonetheless, it is a competition and is taken very seriously by most participants.  54 members signed up for the hectic 2 day competition, drawn randomly, playing 4 sessions of 6 ends each, sustained with chocolates and mince pies on the end of the rinks. 

On the first day, two of the teams won all 4 of their games, and Mike Holmes, Penny Preece, and Trevor Lavis looked to be the favourites with a shot difference of +39, compared with +18 achieved by Bob Walker, Vic Doidge, and Fay Hughes.

On the second day, four of the teams each won 3 of their games, but Martin Clook, Sue Burr and Janet Grundy with +13 and Gordon Medlock, Ann Doidge, and Peter Harvey with +12 went through to the second semi final.  

The semi finals consisted of the two winning teams from day 1 playing each other, and the same for the winning teams from day 2, and both semi finals proved to be very close, with Mike, Penny and Trevor winning by just a single shot, whilst Gordon, Ann, and Peter came from behind to win by a more comfortable 3 shots.

In the finals late on the second day Mike Holmes’ team got off to the best possible start by winning the first 3 ends to go 8 shots ahead.  Gordon Medlock’s team came back but that 8 shot lead proved decisive and, despite some brilliant play by Gordon’s team, Mike Holmes, Penny Preece, and Trevor Lavis were worthy winners.  It was a most enjoyable 2 days and many thanks go to Gordon Medlock, for organising the competition, with some background assistance from Debbie Cole supplying the goodies. 

Madeira ladies were happy to see mid season results for the Foxlands Trophy and Lane Trophy,  which showed Madeira at the top of both leagues, especially the high scores for Foxlands – onward to success in 2020.



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